stained glass installation Year 6
street art stencils 10.jpeg
street art stencils 11.jpeg
Street Art stencils- Endangered Species
street art stencils 8.jpeg
street art stencils 7.jpeg
street art stencils 4.jpeg
Great Fire inspired textiles 'Tree Dressing Project' Year 3
street art tour Shoreditch Year 6
street art stencilling Year 6
street art project Year 6
3D self portraits Year 5
clay boats Year 3
calligraphy sculptures Year 5
observational cityscapes Clerkenwell Year 5
fairy tale boxes Year 1
calligraphy sculptures Year 5
3D self portrait masks Year 5
my favourite place sculptures Year 6
my family home in Bangladesh sculpture Year 6
my family home in Morocco sculpture Year 6
observational drawing & printing Year 2
transport models Foundation Stage
self portraits Foundation Stage
Red Riding Hood book making Year 3
collage birds Year 6
illustration and collage birds 3.jpg
3D wire fish Year 5
mythical monster sculptures Year 5
Mythical monster collaborative sculpture Year 5
Mythical Monsters Year 5
mythical monster sculptures Year 5
olympic mascots Year 3
full pots.jpg
Keith Haring sculptures Year 5
butterfly sculpture 'Tree Dressing Project' Year 4
our world collage Year 3
3D sculpture Year 4
Stage 4 fish.jpg
fish and jellyfish.jpg
Jellyfish final.jpg
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